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Year 2 & 3 Lesson 1


Hey everyone! As usual we will be starting with some spellings! Get your English books out and write today’s date. When you’re ready, listen to the following words and write the spelling in your book. Make sure your handwriting is as neat as possible, otherwise we won’t be able to mark it!

Spelling time
Word number 1
Word number 3
Word number 5
Word number 7
Word number 9
Word number 2
Word number 4
Word number 6
Word number 8
Word number 10

If you want your spellings marking, upload pictures of your work using the form at the bottom of this page. Bonus marks if you can guess whose voice that was!


Spring officially started back in March!

To celebrate, we’ve got a lovely reading comprehension for you to do.

Read the first page and then answer the questions from the second. You can write the answers in your English books.


Just to keep you in the spring of things, we’ve got a division worksheet for you to do.

Count the groups of things, and how many things are in each group. Then finish the sentences and calculations. You can write out the answers in your Maths book.

Just for a bit of fun, we have a multiplication code breaker challenge! Again in your Maths book, write down the answers to the multiplications. Then use the grid at the bottom of the page to convert these numbers into letters to reveal the answer to the joke!

Some of the multiplications in the code breaker are a little bit tricky, so feel free to start with the multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s. If you need it, here is a multiplication square to help you with the really tricky ones! And don’t forget, you can always ask us for help.

Send us your work!

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