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Algebra 1: Simplifying algebraic expressions

As you finish Year 9 and move towards Year 10, you will need to be more and more comfortable working with algebra. More complicated questions often need you to do several different steps to solve them, some of which will be new, but others will be quite simple. Therefore, this week’s practice aims to make you really confident working with basic algebraic espressions, as these are often involved in the more complicated questions later on.

Why do I need to be able to simplify algebraic expressions?

Before you can solve algebraic expressions and equations, you often have to be able to rearrange and simplify the terms and numbers to make it easier.

This may be the start of the process in simpler algebra questions, but it is also a key part of the process in more complicated questions. Either way, it is easy to miss something when doing it and get an answer wrong unnecessarily, so it’s important that you are confident doing it.

Complete the questions in the worksheet below. You can write them out on paper, you don’t need to print anything. Make sure you copy out the question before starting to solve it. In algebraic questions, you need to write everything out carefully or you can easily make mistakes.