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Quick Vocabulary Quiz

Expanding your vocabulary will support your reading and comprehension skills. I have created a list of twenty definitions for some common and complex words – have a look and see how many of the words you know and can spell too! I have given you the first letter of each word as a clue. I will post answers next Thursday but you can have yours checked sooner by emailing your list to

  • A : mass of snow or ice falling down a mountain
  • B : state in which a weight or amount is evenly distributed
  • B : game in which numbers are called out and covered by the players on their individual cards
  • B : curved wooden missile which can be made to return to the thrower
  • C : a travelling company of acrobats, clowns and performing animals
  • C : an electronic machine that stores and processes data
  • C : build or put together
  • D : judgement, conclusion or resolution
  • D : make a liquid less concentrated by adding water
  • D : fail to meet expectations or hopes
  • D : a person licensed to practice medicine
  • E : calculate roughly with an approximate calculation
  • F : the second month of the year
  • F : an enclosed piece of agricultural land or an area marked off for sports
  • F : a distinctive taste
  • G : colour between blue and yellow
  • I : a picture or diagram to explain or provide examples
  • J : daily record of events, newspaper or magazine
  • K : facts or experiences known by a person
  • L : ability to read and write

Definitions sourced from Collins English Dictionary, Collins Dictionary Home Edition 2011, published by Harper Collins Publishers in Glasgow UK.