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HELP WANTED: Finish the story

Hello again!

Below you will find the first paragraph of a story I have began to write, however, I need YOUR help!

What I want you to do is help me continue the story. You can take the story in any direction you wish. All I ask, is for you to use the toolbox that has been used in the last few writing activities.

The opening of the story is:

She was holding a torch, her detailed forest map and an insulated flask filled with warming green tea. Sarah stood trembling outside the rickety gate that welcomed all who dared, into the forest. Sarah and her best friend Mo stepped cautiously into the canopy of gigantic oak trees. There was no turning back now, as the gate locked behind them. Mo and Sarah simultaneously took a deep breath, when suddenly…

Writing Toolbox

To improve your writing even more, why not have a go at using:

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